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Mechatronics Undergraduate '24

I love making things.

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Mutilple Analog Input in ESP8266 via Blynk

September 2021
This code is designed to use a multiplexer with the ESP8266 microcontroller to use multiple sensors since it has only one analog pin.

Digital Voltmeter using Blynk

September 2021
Make a potential divider between the analog pin and the voltage you are testing. Resistance values are also mentioned in the code.

Bluethooth Module AT Commands

September 2021
AT command for Bluetooth module worked perfectly. Change the serial monitor's transfers transfer baud rate to 9600, and it will work perfectly.

HTML Games

September 2021
HTML, CSS, and Javascript games.
- Grab The Carrot
- Menza
- Tic Tac Toe
- Tilting Maze Game
- Trap The Kitten


Create Electronics Circuits at TinkerCAD

December 2020 – Present

Post 3-D Models at GrabCAD

April 2021 – Present
Post 3D model in GrabCAD community

Content Provider for Easy Circuit Build

April 2021 – Present
Post schematic diagram and circuits

Post random at Pinterest

October 2020 – Present

Answer the questions at Brainly

May 2021 - Present

Project Administrator at CG Trader

June 2021 - Present

Display 3D-Parts and Models at Circuit Space

May 2020 - November 2020
Post 3D models and parts releated to elctronics

Drop random stuff at GitHub

September 2021 - Present



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